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Ben's Video Tributes

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"Fighting for Life"
St. Jude TV Special

Ben is featured in the Marlo Thomas Special "Fighting for Life", a nationally televised, one hour TV program about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  It aires on different local and cable TV networks around the United States.  The following is the segment featuring Ben, narrated by Allen Alda.

You'll Be in my Heart

Ben loved this song.  While at Disney, he would want it played before he went to bed each night - it always put him at ease. 

Around 5:30 PM February 25, 2005, this song came on and Jennifer asked that it be turned up because "it was Ben's favorite".  About half way through the song, Ben died.  We had already created this video piece and felt it was "meant to be".  This video played during the opening of his funeral March 1, 2005.

The title says it all.


NEW VIDEO - Go the Distance

This video slideshow represents "Big Ben" best.  Doctors did not believe he would live to see his big wish - to see Mickey Mouse.  They discharged us from local Hospice care and advised a medical team in Orlando to be "prepared" for his death.  We were encouraged to sign and keep his DNR (do not resuscitate order) card with us at all times and be prepared to fly his body home from Disney.  Ben's job was not complete...  he touched the lives of Disney executives and staff - relationships we continue to this day.  Not only did he survive this special trip to Disney to see "Mickmee", but he did it like a trooper!  He had a blast and we have powerfull, fun memories for a lifetime.  This video slideshow represents Ben's big will to live life fully.

On My Way

This video slideshow is about Ben being "on his way".  It starts at Cincinnati Children's Hospital (where he was initially diagnosed and cared for), then back home for a week before being on his way to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN.  The balloon release (toward the end) is from Hanna's funeral - and one day before Ben's final and disheartening surgery.  It was then we learned he was on his way again...


Through My Eyes

"Take a look through my eyes - there's a better place out there..."  A key and true phrase that summarizes this video piece.  While Ben's journey appeared (and was) difficult, his eyes reflected so much more.  What he saw was love, kindness, compassion, courage and steadfastness from so many from around the world.  This video shows some of these people and how Ben saw them. 

If we could only see through his eyes now...


Bare Necessities

One of Ben's favorites - photos from his Birthday Disney Trip...